New Requirements for Entry into Malawi due to the New Wave of Covid-19 


The Government of Malawi continues to implement and update its COVID-19 prevention and control measures. While reported cases seem to be low in the country, reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicate that some of the neighbouring countries are reporting high COVID-19 cases which could be the beginning of the third wave in those countries. It is for this reason that the Government found it important to intensify the COVID-19 control efforts at all levels.

According to the Regulations of Entry in the Rules issued by the Minister of Health in Exercise of the powers confered to her by Section 31 as read with Section 29 of the Malawi Public Health Act,

     1) In furtherance of Section 38, a person who_

            (a) Is not a citizen of Malawi;

            (b) Does not hold a resident permit for Malawi;

            (c) Is not domiciled or ordinarily resident in Malawi;

            (d) Is not part of a team of medical personnel that is required to provide medical services in Malawi;

            (e) Is not a member of the diplomatic or consular staff of a country that is accredited to Malawi or in transit to another country; or

            (f) Is not a spouse, child or dependent of a person referred in paragraphs (a) and (e);

  shall be refused entry into Malawi, except as otherwise provided for under subrule (2)

     (2) A person who_

            (a) Is a member of an organisation intending to support, supporting or implementing any COVID-19 related intervention;

            (b) Is a driver of a vehicle, cabin crew of an aircraft or vessel transporting essential goods.


These COVID-19 control measures have been intensifies in all border posts, both land and air, in line with the country's COVID-19 Prevention, Containment and Management Rules 2020.


All travelers are required to produce a negative PCR COVID-19 test done not more than 72 hours before arrival except for truck drivers and their assistants whose negative PCR test is valid for up to 14 days as per the COMESA-ECSA-SADC Tripartite Agreement.